Solutions Map For Salesforce CRM

Task Manager App

  • Task manager tool which allows both internal and external users
    to access and update their assigned task's status
  • Firmly integrated with Case management
  • Available in both Classic and Lightning versions
  • Customizable to unique business scenarios and processes
AV Task App Is A Task Manager App For The Salesforce CRM

Quote Everywhere

  • App accessible to both internal and external users to generate Quote & receive by E-mail
  • Businesses can generate high scored Opportunities
  • Enhances customer experience in Quote to Cash scenarios
  • Tightly integrated with Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunity objects
Auto Quote App For Salesforce CRM

Survey App

  • Native App to quickly build and publish surveys
  • Integrate Survey results with Standard Objects
  • External users can access and respond to surveys through E-mail
  • Generate quality leads with campaigns
  • Get instant feedback on new product lines and customer support
  • Pre-build Reports & Dashboards with Analytics
Opinion Box Is A Native Survey App For The Salesforce CRM

Mass email/SMS blaster

  • Mass email/SMS blaster, eliminates Salesforce email governing limits cap
  • Easy to setup, Easy to use and Easy to track
  • Tightly integrated with Salesforce Campaign, Lead, Contact, Case and User objects
  • Allows to use predefined templates for email or SMS marketing
  • Option to filter records by selected criteria
  • Built for Salesforce lightning users
Buzzer Is A Mass Email or A Mass SMS Blaster App

1099 E-file

  • Native App to generate IRS compliant 1099-MISC Tax form in e-file format
  • Quickly upload, review & submit. Download and use for both manual and electronic purposes
  • E-filing made easy for businesses to generate employee form
Generate 1099 E-file On The Salesforce CRM

Nacha File Generator

  • Easy to use Lightning app with drag and drop interface
  • Enter your data in the Excel and upload the file into the app
  • Generate the NACHA file with the click of a button
  • Upload the file into your respective bank website
  • Track history of your payments via History Tab
Nacha App For Salesforce CRM

Healthcare App

  • App to fill Doctor's open appointment slots with standby patients
  • Patient can join the standby list via web
  • Notifies Patient (via email/sms) whenever doctor appointment is available
  • Easily configurable and customizable
Stand By Is A Healthcare App To Help Doctors Connect With Patients

Log Board

  • Native Lightning app for developers
  • Developer friendly app to instantly find debug log statements
  • Custom search functionality to find debug logs of any developer in your org
  • Instantly find debug logs with keyword search
Log Board

Micro Service App
Round-Robin Assignments

  • Micro service app for rule based Sequential assignment of records with workload considerations
  • Customizable Rules based Objects (Lead, Accounts, Contracts, and Cases) and user groups
Micro Service App For Round Robin Assignments

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